The use of the internet to do business in a better and faster way is E-Commerce. You give controlled access to your clients without meeting them and without any paperwork involved in this transaction.

We design web sites for online shopping in a more ingenious and eye catching way. We align and arrange your products carefully so that they are fitted in limited pages, they also look attractive and they are of easy access to your consumers.

There are three types of services provided at your desk by Oriel IT:
1) Online Store Creation
2) Custom Shopping Carts
3) E-commerce Hosting

1) Online Store Creation:
"Making things simpler than they are" is our Mission. We create online stores that are more interesting, user-friendly, understandable and clear enough to shop through. Buying the right things from the right place is always kept in our mind to design "THE BEST" online stores. There are many different ways to present your online stores:-
• Online stores with 3d effects
• Online stores with moving effects
• Online stores with clicks
• Online shopping with 3D effects:

We design online shopping stores with 3D effects which not only make you see the items from one angle but here you can have a look at the item from all sides to give you a better idea of the product you are opting for. This will help to bring in more customers and increase your market value. In addition, this leaves a positive and strong impression of your company on the visitors.
A wide range of research is carried out by our experts to decide what products are to be on these websites to give you an outstanding result.
• Online stores with moving objects:
Our idea to design online stores with moving products is that this helps your visitors to have a glance on a wide range of products, meaning more products can be viewed in a short period of time, which in turn makes your consumers select more items helps increase your profit. They are designed in an interesting way with sound and graphics to make hold of the viewers without boring them.
• Online stores with clicks:
These online stores are designed according to users request, there can be limited variety of items displayed for the consumers and they can select the area of what they are looking for by clicks and surf accordingly.
Don't worry about all the above types we have easy, safe and secure payment methods. We pay more attention to providing you with a secure service.

2) Custom shopping carts:
Oriel IT has a vast experience of serving customised shopping carts but we still believe in providing our customers something prominent. Oriel IT brings in innovative techniques to make both our customers and their customers enjoy a classic way of technology. We design Custom shopping carts that are always customized to make your clients have a clear picture of what you are and what you do, in addition, we help you give them the opportunity to give hand in upgrading your way of doing online business by dropping their ideas and suggestions.
This is the way to let your customers know how important they are for you and implementing their ideas we prove that how precious their values are for us.

3) E-commerce Hosting:
E-Commerce hosting is tailored to the specific needs of those operating an Internet business or web shop. Unlike the average hosting customer, ecommerce businesses need to be added security to be able to process credit card transactions safely and rock solid uptime to serve their customers' needs. We pay more attention to providing you with a secure service.


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