Graphic Design

A flawless mixture of Visuals, Ideas, Messages and creativity gives birth to graphic design. It is always meant to be colourful, attractive and eye catching but Oriel IT professionals have got the talent to perceive those colours & images and put them in the right place to give the perfect look and glamour.
Oriel IT provides the following services under Graphic Design:
1) Logo design
2) Business card design
3) Letterhead design
4) Brochure design
5) Advertisement design

1) Logo Design:
The logo is the face of your business which helps your consumers identify your products or services you provide. Logo design is a graphic mark, an image to mitigate marketing of your business in a better way. It is a major part of graphic design and most difficult to perfect.
Oriel IT designs logos that not only add value but also give a sophisticated look to your business. Our logos are elegant but informative, simple but strategic, easy to attract and impossible to imitate.

2) Business Card Design:
Basic information about your company in a portable pocket size form makes a business card. Oriel IT provides a variety of business cards with different styles, shape and weight.They are customised according to your needs. Appstek assures to impress your receivers to become consumers.

3) Letterhead Design:
Oriel IT designs letterhead that acts as a mirror image of your business. A letterhead is an essential part of any organisation as it reflects the way you do business with others. It carries less but very essential information about your identity, we take special care to present you in a better way to the world.

4) Brochure Design:
A brochure is again a detailed image of your business, It is the reflection of what you serve to the world, described in a more sophisticated way. Though it is a marketing tool it also tells the future of your company.
Oriel IT takes into account your time, money, satisfaction and better quality to provide the following.

Our brochure types include,
a) Bi-fold brochures
b) Tri -fold brochures
c) Z-fold brochures
d) Gate fold brochures
e) Folder type
f) Pamphlet type
g) Catalogue type
h) Leaflet type
i) Booklet type
j) Inserts and
k) Flyers
Any other different types required can be customized for you, after all, "we are there to serve you everywhere".

5) Advertisement Design:
Advertising has always been the pioneer marketing tool for your product or services to be launched between your competitors.
Oriel IT provides advertising designs with an outstanding combination of virtual art work and expert graphic designers. These designs are made with a profound logic to reach the target market.


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