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We "Bring the world to your Desk". Web Application runs entirely from within a browser and is used to run almost any aspect of your business. Oriel IT Consultancy believes in making customized web applications that result in one solution to all problems in your business. "Your demand is our Service". Companies are replacing traditional Software to web applications as they are expensive in installing, upgrading and training whereas we provide user-friendly, cheaper and attractive web Applications.

Our Web Application development department also provides services like

1. Business Applications Development
2. College Management System
3. Enterprise Web Portal Development
4. Technology Consulting
5. Web Based Software Application Development

1. Business Applications Development

It's Your Dreams, we turn them into reality! It's any business, any ideas we shape them according to your needs. We provide bespoke business applications giving your business a better look, easy accessibility, scalability, and sustainability. Our experts believe in "More than The Best", a lot of research is carried out to give an unbelievable look to your business. It is very important for your businesses to stay alerted and perform better in this ever increasing competition and changing the market. Our applications will increase your company profile and let the world know about who you are and what you do in a professional way.

Our range of services include –
• Advanced online stores
• Content management systems
• Interactive learning
• Legacy application integration
• Multi-tier web applications
• Remote data Integration
• Supply chain management
• Web based business applications
• Web-based database programming
• Customer relationship management
• Enterprise collaboration
• Idea execution
• Inventory management
• Maintenance and support
• Secure intranets and extranets

Oriel IT believes in providing a new competitive edge with robust internet solution in the above domains. We also believe in controlling the diverse organisational actions by using passive enforcements with sophisticated Technology.

2. College Management System

What is CMS?
College Management System is an online Web Application designed by Oriel IT to reduce the work load on employees of education providing Organisations. It's an easy, flexible and affordable interactive tool for the education stakeholders. It can be fully accessed from both public and college internet. The purpose of designing CMS is to reduce your precious time in data entry and allowing you to concentrate more on strategic work with zero percent redundancy.

Benefits of CMS.

• It is built with the latest technology with a minimal cost overhead
• It reduces the communication gap between education stakeholders
• It avoids entry duplication, keeps the track record of all entered data.
• It helps in reducing the labour cost of the organisation by performing multiple functions.
• Acts as a part of directors in decision making by providing real time reports.

Why our CMS?

• It is intuitive and provides simple user interface
• Easy collaboration and modification over the internet
• It is a fully browser based system which can be accessed by just one click.
• It has an eye catching and pleasant design.
• Provide secure and centrally hosted solution with no hassle.

Overview of Modules in Oriel IT CMS:

Oriel IT College Management System is operated by different modules which run the organisation.

1 Profile
2 Admin
3 Student
4 Attendance
5 Staff
6 Academic
7 Library
8 Consultant
9 Messages
10 Accounts
11 Reports
12 Marketing
13 Student Area
14 Help
15 Logout.

Each of the above modules has many sub modules performing various functions

3. Enterprise Web Portal Development

Every Business needs to be organised and managed in an effective and efficient way.

Oriel IT Consultancy web portal development is designed to perform multiple tasks parallelly. It is mainly used in vast organisations where data transportation is made more easy, fast and available to many users at the same time. It acts a pool for employees and other stakeholders of any organisation in the world of internet.

Portals are in other words called "Interconnections". This interconnection helps any information available to you anytime, anywhere with just a click away from your destination. Our experts after performing a thorough research in your business innovate a new path which leads them to success for sure.

Our services include:-
• Social Networks and Communities
• Content Distribution Portals (Digital Docs and Media)
• B2C and B2B E-commerce Portals
• Enterprise Information Portals
• Business Intelligence Portals
• Knowledge Management Portals
• Application/Web Services Portals

4. Technology Consulting

Technology in today's world is a backbone for any business. No business can survive without the support of it, which helps them focus on how to achieve their objectives, it is the voice of their business to reach present clients and attract new customers.

Our Web Applications takes you around the world by sitting at one place, all you have to do is click, click & click.

Our Web Designs with a glamorous look makes your business a centre of attraction in a high traffic net world.

Our Web Marketing with a classic presentation of your business helps it grow faster and easier.

Our E-Commerce facility brings the world's biggest online shopping malls on your palms and also helps take your online shops to a world tour.

Our Mobile Web Apps as it describes itself are mobile and easily available to you anywhere, they are designed for mobile phones that support the applications. These are designed by using the latest technologies that make the applications available in less time than any other mobile apps do.

Our Graphic Design brings colour, sound and better appearance to your business. It is the mixture of text and graphics giving birth to logos, letter heads, brochures, newsletters, posters etc. It gives a big hand in improving the presentation of your business.

The above-mentioned services are nothing but a part of technology consulting by Oriel IT.

5. Web Based Software Application Development
Oriel IT with technology in one hand and Innovation on the other join hands together to develop software solutions to any commercial or complex business model. We handle any kind of business with great care and put equal effort to reach such height where sky is not the limit


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